The rapid growth of online businesses from various industries has helped us keep up with changes in Commerce and the digital world. However, growth is not controlled, only about 8%, a total of 3,790,000 SME companies have implemented online marketing strategies in their businesses. The data was submitted by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM).

Indirectly developing an online business requires entrepreneurs to dive in. Including selling on digital platforms and making online marketing must be done to support sales success. Here are some tips on managing an online marketing strategy that you need to try.

  1. Market your product through social media

The increase in the use of social media from year to year is increasing rapidly. That statement is why social media is now a very effective marketing medium to introduce your product to a wide target market. To start executing this strategy, the first step you need to take is to create a social media account for your brand, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Plan attractive and consistent content for social media positioning, and pour promotional messages to offer the products you have. For example, if you are a fashion business picker, you can make the photos you post attractive using templates for your fashion products. Don’t forget to create an interesting and persuasive legend to send a promotional message.

  1. Take advantage of the website platform to grow your audience.

Websites as digital platforms are considered as low-cost means for a long period of time. Although various online forums exist as promotional media, websites always have a large segment. Using a website to introduce your product is more and more buyers because your brand has a convincing site. Potential buyers often find information about your product site through search engines.

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If your site can’t be found, they may have doubts about your product. Another case if you have a product website, of course, buyers become safer to pay for the products you have to offer.

  1. Send marketing e-mails to your market segment

Tips for managing a fairly effective promotional strategy, one of which is email marketing. Because thanks to this promotional medium, email marketing is evaluated as an effective and targeted marketing tool. In connection with information about new products or promotions, and other information related to your business can be sent directly to the target audience. Apart from that, you can also create a personal approach with potential customers and buyers. You create a good relationship that will affect the sales opportunity.

  1. You can offer the public as a product dealer

The implementation of a reseller system can increase your product sales, including a fairly optimal marketing strategy. A wider and larger turnover of the market is the way for your business growth. Even if the price you set for the reseller is much cheaper, the profit you get can be greater because the products are sold in large quantities and regularly.

  1. Inform Criticize on this product and customer testimonials for your potential buyers

The existence of testimonials and comments from customer products is considered very effective in building potential buyers’ trust in your product. Especially for potential buyers who still have doubts about your product, they must obtain proof of product quality. You can provide the best service for guests because it will make a commitment and buyers are satisfied with the products they get.

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The implementation of an online marketing strategy for your business, especially in the form of SMEs is a marketing trick that you must do. You can start with financial control of your business, so that later, you can plan and budget for online marketing. Xendit is the best payment gateway in Indonesia, which can help you control the company’s financial statements. Help you invoice customers with the features offered, one of which is online invoicing.

By making a payment, with Xendit customers you can choose different payment methods that will make it easier for them to make transactions. These methods include bank transfers, virtual accounts, credit cards and outlets such as Alfamart. The convenience they receive becomes the best business service you can offer to customers.


Tips for executing an effective online marketing strategy
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